Download Slender and experience extreme horror

Legend has it that Slenderman is a faceless monster. And elongated tentacles reaching everywhere, this mythical character is your archrival in this saga of terror. The real secret to avoid falling into their hosts is to avoid looking at it for a long time and try not to get too close. The rest depends on you only.

Advances in the dark

It all begins in a desolate forest. It is night and darkness pervades everything. Just you with your flashlight. But the battery runs low and the clarity is being replaced. What you have to do is pass the different stages without Slenderman finds you.

Finds pages and run!

This fantastic game is divided into several stages. You must go through the circuit in a wooded setting where you will see buildings, vehicles, felled pines, several abandoned tanks, a dark tunnel and up a giant tree. FocalĂ­zate: the environment influences only psychologically. Search the eight pages and get to the finish. Slenderma is following you ...

Watch your sanity

One of the difficulties is the maximum speed of Slenderman teleportation. Yes, your enemy that can move at any time and in the desired direction. As you progress, you can move faster Slenderman. Therefore, you must be very focused because if you stay too long at it, you'll go crazy.